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 Vegas National Championship  and Times Day 1! Good Luck to all teams! 

9 am New Hustle vs SF Showtime 
10 am New Hustle vs CTS 
11 am SF Showtime vs CTS
Field 2
9 am SourceOne Wolfpack vs Outkast 
10 am SourceOne Wolfpack vs Finishem 
11 am Outkast vs Finishem 
Field 3
9 am SD Express vs Rockers  10 am SD Express vs Bay Kings 11am Rockers vs Bay Kings Field 4 9 am Rolling Armadillos vs Taco Surf 10 am Sac Town Ballers vs Taco Surf 11 am Sac Town Ballers vs Rolling Armadillos Field 5 9 am Showtime vs Gheeto Birds 10 am Fiddlers Green vs Gheeto Birds 11 am Fiddlers Green vs Showtime

5 Man Field 1 12 pm Those Guys vs TDH 1 pm X Stars vs Taco Surf 2 pm Winner vs Winner 3 pm Loser vs Loser Field 2 12 pm Cowboys vs Swagger 1 pm Rockers vs The Program 2 pm Winner vs Winner 3 pm Loser vs Loser Field 3 12 pm Toon Squad vs Crystal Palace 1 pm Toon Squad vs Suspects 2 pm Suspects vs Crystal Palace 

  Please call 855-FLAG-411 Or email mzimmerman@xflagfootball.com

Flagmag and Xflagfootball Offer National Tournaments, 8 Man Leagues, 5 Man Leagues, Co-ed leageus, and NFL youth leagues!!!  All Adult games are fully stated are archived at Xflagfootball.com
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