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CoRec Flag Football Rules 8Man

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FlagMag.com Flag Football Rule Book

No Contact 8 MAN CoRec Flag Football Rules


  • 8 Players per side,(5Men & 3 Women) less than 6(4Men,2Women) would result in a forfeit. You may start with 6 players.
  • Field 80x40 yards First downs by crossing the 20-40-20.
  • Team area-all coaches and players must be between the 20-yard lines.


  • Toss choices-receive, kick, direction or defer.
  • All kickoffs must be from a tee or held. Kickoffs are from the 20-yd line, unless there is a penalty.
  • No on-sides kicks. The receiving team always gains possession. The ball can be downed by either team by touching the ball. Receiving team must have 4 players on the 40-yard line.
  • The ball is dead once any player touches it and it hits the ground.
  • The ball must be kicked forward 10 yards, unless the receiving team touches it before that point. If the ball does not go 10 yards; it is placed on the kicking team's 21 yard line.
  • Off sides penalties on the kickoff receiving team has option of taking ball on its own 35-yard line or result of play.
  • Out of bounds kicks will be placed at the 35 or where the ball went out of bounds.
  • A rolling or dead ball may be picked up and advanced by the receiving team.
  • Screen blocking is NOT allowed. All Muffs are dead.


  • All punts are declared. Once declared, it costs a timeout to change this choice. It is a free kick. No fake punts.
  • Defense must have 4 players on the line. No one may move until the ball is kicked. Penalty-Illegal procedure: 5 yards.
  • Screen blocking is NOT allowed on punts.


  • Extra point option: 2 points if run/pass from the 10 yd. line or 1 point if run/pass from the 3 yard line.
  • The captain must tell the referee which extra point option is desired. Once declared, it costs a timeout to change this choice. You may not change the choice after a penalty.


  • Game consists of two 18-minute halves with stopped clock only after scores and in the last 2 minutes of each half.
  • 25-second play clock is in effect.
  • Teams are allowed two timeouts in each half.
  • Half time is 2 minutes.


  • Clock will stop on incomplete passes and player going out of bounds, scores, and change of possession.
  • After a first down, the clock starts on the set of the ball.


  • Coin toss determines possession in each overtime.
  • Each team receives one offensive play. 5 yards-1 point, 12 yards two points..
  • If the teams are tied again, overtime repeats.


  • *MALE TO MALE COMPLETION: During the offensive team's possession there may not be 2 consecutive legal forward pass completions from a male passer to a male receiver. This rule applies to co-rec only. If a male passer completes a legal forward pass to a male receiver, the next legal forward pass completion or run must involve a female passer, a female receiver or a female runner for positive yards. The spot where the ball becomes dead by rule must be beyond the offensive line of scrimmage. There are no other restrictions concerning a male passer completing legal forward pass to a female receiver, or a female to female, or female to male.
  • * Defense-Double Coverage Male on Female(two men within 1 yard of Female receiver-Automatic first down, and spot foul. Offense must have 4 players on the line of scrimmage. The penalty for an illegal formation is 5 yards.
  • SCORING: If a female player scores a touchdown, the point value is 9 points. This can be done in any of the following ways:
  • Female scores running touchdown.
  • Female throws a legal forward pass (that is scored by any offensive player) that results in a touchdown.
  • • OPEN & CLOSED PLAYS: Prior to each play the Referee will announce the whether the next play is considered "open" or "closed". During an offensive possession, there may not be two consecutive legal forward pass completions from a male passer to a male receiver. This rule applies to the try. If male passer completes a legal forward pass to a male receiver, the next legal forward pass must involve either a female passer or female receiver, for positive yards. If positive yardage is not gained, the next play remains closed. Closed plays means that a male player may NOT throw a legal forward pass completion to any other male player. Open plays means that any player can complete a legal forward pass to any other player.
  • The ball is dead when it hits the ground. No fumbles.
  • Receivers must have 2 feet in bounds.
  • Offensive player may not dive, except to catch a pass.
  • Offensive player may not hurdle over a defender.
  • No sleeper plays.
  • Inadvertent whistles - play is blown dead.
  • Onside Kick Rule - During the last two minutes of the second half only, all free kicks that follow scores must be returned by receiving team to receiving team's 20 yard line or further (after all penalties that occur have been assessed), or kicking team shall receive ball at the 40 yard line, 1st down and the next zone line to gain
  • Offensive players must keep their shirts tucked into their pants, otherwise the referee will rule you down.
  • Ball spot is determined by where the hips are when player is de-flagged (hips are, not the ball).
  • Failure to have flag belt legally attached prior to the snap is a 15-yard penalty and repeat the down.
  • Inverted Flags are unsportsmanlike foul. There is a 15 yards penalty from previous spot and loss of down.
  • There is only one lateral per offensive series otherwise it will result in a 5 yard penalty from spot of 2nd lateral and loss of down.
  • No slapping at the ball, when it is in the ball carrier's hands. Penalty: Unsportsmanlike conduct: 15 yards and first down or penalty can be tacked on to the play.
  • Rusher starts five yard off the line of scrimmage (do not have to declare) and may rush immediately. Encroachment occurs if the defender enters the neutral zone after the center has picked up the ball to snap it.
  • The defender cannot use contact to break up a pass. It does not matter if he/she is going for the ball. Penalty for illegal contact: 10 yards and first down.
  • Do not make contact with the passer above his waist under ANY circumstance. If you hit the ball and the QB, you will be penalized. Go for his flag. Penalty-Roughing: 10 yards and first down or penalty can be tacked on to the play.
  • No defensive holding. This may be a judgment call. If the defender grabs the offensive player to impede his progress, (such as wrapping the arms around a player), they will be penalized. If the defender is making a legitimate effort to pull the flag, they will not be penalized. Penalty is 10 yards and first down.
  • There is no tackling. (10 yards + the play). Any tackle within 10 yards of the end zone or in a "last defender" situation, Officials can judge the play a touchdown.
  • No pushing ball carrier out of bounds. Penalty-Roughing: 10 yards and first down or tacked on to the end of the play.
  • If player inadvertently loses the flag belt, one hand touch prevails.
  • Defense can score on the extra point attempt, 2 points.
  • Defense may dive for the flag, however offensive players cannot dive to advance the ball (10 yard penalty from the spot).


  • No metal cleats.
  • No pockets or belt loops on pants.
  • Players must supply their own flag belts. Flag-a-Tag “Sonic Belt” (suction Cup).
  • All teams should have home/away jerseys.
  • Each team will supply their own ball. No junior footballs.
  • No arm pads, hands or wrist pads (baseball, football or golf gloves may be worn). Soft kneepads may be worn on knee.
  • No caps with extended bills. QB must be a minimum of 5 yards from the snapper. Center must snap ball between his legs.


Runner shall not flag guard by using their hands, arms, or the ball to deny the opportunity for an opponent to pull the flag belt. Penalty: 10 yards from the spot of the infraction and loss of the down. Flag guarding includes:

  • Swinging the hand or arm over the flag belt to prevent an opponent from de-flagging.
  • Placing the ball in possession over the flag belt to prevent an opponent from de-flagging.
  • Lowering the shoulders in such a manner that the defender is shielded from the flag.
  • Holding the flag belt with the off hand.


  • 5-yard penalties include motion, offsides, encroachment, and illegal sleeper.
  • 10-yard penalties include most of the other infractions such as flag guarding, illegal block, illegal contact, roughing the passer, and defensive holding. Note: All defensive fouls include first down.
  • 15-yard penalties are for unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • Head Referee can overturn calls by the other officials.
  • Verbal abuse of the officials will not be tolerated. The player will be ejected from the game and suspended for two additional games. If conduct persists from the same team, official has the right to declare a forfeit. This applies to fans as well.
  • Fighting will not be tolerated. If 2 players get into a shoving/wrestling match, they will be ejected and removed from tournament. If punches are thrown, they will be ejected and removed from tournament. Any players leaving the sideline will be ejected and team will be removed from tournament.
  • Trash talking, racial or religious remarks will not be tolerated. Players will be ejected immediately.
  • If any player/coach bumps or assaults a referee, his team will forfeit all remaining games and all money will be forfeited.
  • Tournament reserves the right to suspend any player or team for unsportsmanlike conduct. All money will be forfeited.
  • No littering on the fields. Excessive littering is grounds for disqualification from future games. Please pick up your team’s trash, so we can use the fields in the future. No alcohol is allowed on school premises. Sounds like a commercial, but it's against the law.
  • Please remember that this is a recreational football tournament. The referees and league will give all their effort to provide your team with comparable competition. Most importantly, have fun.
  • Protests - a coach has the right to protest an official's interpretation of the rules provided that the protest is made immediately before the next live ball. A coach may also protest a player's eligibility. The protest fee is $25.00.


  • Defender must hand flag back to ball carrier, otherwise it's a 15 yard personal foul penalty.
  • Onside Kick Rule - During last 2 minutes of the game, the receiving team must return the ball to the 20 or beyond (unless touchback) or the kicking team gets the ball on the 40.


  • Field is 40 yards wide by 100 yards long.
  • Endzones are 10 yards deep.
  • Total playing yards goal line to goal line is 80 yards.





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