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12th Annual International Flag Football Festival

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12th Annual International Flag Football Festival
Event Information
Foxborough, MA
From : Saturday, 30 July 2011 16:00
Until : Wednesday, 31 August 2011 16:00
(UTC 00:00) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, Casablanca
Seats available:
43 (50 total)
Event Creator:

Event Details


2011 12th Annual FlagMag.com International Flag Football Festival

FIELD-John Ahern Middle School-111 Mechanic St-Foxbourgh,MA

Scoreboard Binghampton, NY wins 8Man A at IFFF

Tappanzee Champs win 8Man B Title at IFFF event

Robars Rampage places 2nd in the 8Man B Div 

Mexico wins 8Man C Title at IFFF event

Air Assault Wins 8Man CoRec title over Mexico IFFF


Mexico Finishes 2nd place in 8Man CoRec at IFFF


MDFlagFootball wins 5Man A Div IFFF Title

Team Mexico Places 2nd in the 5Man A Div 


Primetime of Easton,PA wins 5Man B Div at IFFF

Trojan Men win 5Man C Title at IFFF Event


Spacemonkies take 2nd in 5Man C Div at IFFF

Pocono Raiders place 2nd in 10U Youth at IFFF

Saints win 10u Youth IFFF title over Pocono Raiders

Saints of NYC enter 10 Under team to IFFF Event

Untouchables enter 5Man at IFFF event in Foxboro

MDFlagfootball.com Registers for 4Man at IFFF Event. 

IFFF Defending 8Man B Flag Football  Champs 

Register for 8Man at IFFF Event in Foxborough,MA July 30-31st

 Women get physical at IFFF Flag tournament

The Scoreboard of Binghampton,NY Register for IFFF Flag Football Event-July 30/31st

Foxboro,MA-IFFF July 30/31Registered Teams as of June 30

Trojan Men of Saugus, MA enter IFFF Event

NY-Tappan Zee Leagues Chosen Few enters IFFF

MOB enters 5Man at IFFF event in Foxboro,MA

Primetime of Easton,PA-enters 5Man at IFFF event.


Boston's NorthSure 8Man A Division Champs Return


Foxborough, MA-Sugar Cookies enter IFFF event 8Man C-July 30/31st


Keds of Milton,MA enter IFFF July 30/31st Flag Football  Event


Foxborough, MA-IFFF Event July 30/31st-Anger Management Enters 

Long Island team Registers for IFFF Flag Football event in Foxboro July 30/31st



Bronx Saints 12U team Register for IFFF Event July 30/31st

Wild Bunch of TX Register for 12th IFFF event

Pocono,PA Youth 10U Champs head to IFFF event


CoRec National Champs register for IFFF Event

Mexico's #1 Flag Team registers for IFFF Event

Two Men & Truck seek players for IFFF Event

Flag Football Director wanted for 12th annual IFFF

Aquilas Blancas register for IFFF event-Girls & HS DIv

- International Flag Football Festival returns to Boston.FlagMag has selected Foxborough,MA to host the event.July 29-31st-2011

 8Man A Div FlagMag Points 1 Scoreboard Binghampton,NY 4500pts 2 Gumbies Ayer,mA 3000pts 3 Wolverines Revere,MA 2400pts 4 Outlaws Nashua,NH 2400pts 8Man B Div FlagMag Points 1 Chosen Few Yorktown,NY 4500pts 2 Robars Claremont,NH 3000pts 3 Jiffy Mart Burlington,VT 2400pts 4 Northsure Boston,MA 2400pts 8Man C Div FlagMag Points 1 Texcoco Mexico DF,Mx 4500pts 2 Keds Boston,MA 3000pts 3 Anger Management Brockton,MA 2400pts 4 Sugar Cookies Lowell,MA 2400pts 8Man CoRec FlagMag Points 1 Air Assault Wash DC 4500pts 2 Texcoco Mexico DF,MX 3000pts 3 Phily All Stars Philadelphia,PA 2400pts     5Man A Div FlagMag Points 1 MD Flag Football Laurel,MD 4500pts 2 Texcoco Mexico DF,MX 3000pts 3 Screwed Long Island,NY 2400pts 4 MOB Brockton,MA removed from Event for stealing 5Man B Div FlagMag Points 1 Primetime Easton,PA 4500pts 2 Untouchables Providence,RI 3000pts 3 Phily All Stars Philadelphia,PA 2400pts 4 Air Assault Wash DC 2400pts 5Man C Div FlagMag Points 1 Trojan Men Billerica,MA 4500pts 2 SpaceMonkies hydepark,ma 3000pts 3 Big V Milton,MA 2400pts 4 Raiders Manchester,NH 2400pts 5Man Youth 12 Under FlagMag Points 1 Saints Bronx,NY 4500pts 2 Pocono Raiders Pocono,PA 3000pts 3 All Stars Londonderry,NH 2400pts 4 Warriors Foxboro,MA 2400pts


Flag Football  Clinic

Referee Clinic

FREE AGENTS-Several Teams need players

Well place you on a team, email es at 


Ranking Points

Teams will earn Triple Rankings Points

  • 1st place-4500pts
  • 2nd place-3000pts
  • 3rd place-2400pts
  • 4th Place-2100pts
  • 5th place-1800pts
  • 6th Place-1500pts
  • 7th Place-1200pts
  • 9th place-900 Pts
  • 10-Place-600pts

Roster Limit

  • 8/7 Man - 30 People
  • 4 Man - 10 People
    • 5Man - 12 People

Official Flag

  • Flag A Tag - Sonic Flags (min 15 inches) are required.
  • Available for $10 each at the field


  • 5 game guarantee
  • 2 games Round Robin, then single elimination
  • Each player will need a Players Pass to participate.
  • Divisions include:
    8-Man Ineligible - A, B, & C,35 +
    8-Man Eligible - A, B, & C,Women,35 +
    7-Man No Contact - A, B, & C,Women,35 +
    7-Man No Contact - High School-Boys & Girls,
    5-Man Contact - A, B, & C,35 +
    4 & 5-Man No Contact - A, B, & C,35 +
    8-Man (4 guys, 4 girls)- A, B, & C,35 +

    5Man - 18 & under, 16 & under, 14 & under, 12 & under, 10 & under, 8 & under

Mandatory Captains Meeting

  • Friday-July 29th 9pm-Patriot Place-9:00pm- Mandatory Captains Meeting-Twenty8 Food & Spirits in the Renaissance Hotel-
    Situated in the Patriot Place Complex inside the Renaissance Boston Hotel & Spa at Patriot Place , Foxboro,MA
  • Blind Draw Schedule: Teams with higher FlagMag.com Ranking Points choose first. Teams without points pull from hat


NOTE: All teams play 2 or 3 games for seeding purposes prior to Sunday's single elimination tournament.

Schedule of Events



9:00am-3:00pm - FLAG FOOTBALL Clinic


9:00am-3:00pm - FLAG FOOTBALL Clinic-Optional activities,Golf, Fishing, Duck Tours, Historic Trail,Fenway Tour, Enjoy All New England Offers


9am-3:00pm -FLAG FOOTBALL Clinic 6:00pm - Welcome Reception
7:00pm - International Captains Meeting


9am-3:00pm - FLAG FOOTBALL Clinic


9am-3pm - FLAG FOOTBALL Clinic

3pm-5pm -FLAG FOOTBALL Clinic

9:00pm- Mandatory Captains Meeting-Twenty8 Food & Spirits in the Renaissance Hotel-

Situated in the Patriot Place Complex inside the Renaissance Boston Hotel & Spa at Patriot Place 



10:00am-8:00pm - Open Invitational Games

1pm - Openening Ceremonies


9:00am-4:00pm - Open Invitational Games - Playoffs and Championships
5:00pm-7:00pm - Awards - TBA


8-Man $495 per team
7-Man $495 per team
5-Man $295 per team
4-Man $295 per team


For All Divisions
Champions receive free entry($200 deposit needed and refunded upon arrival)

Runners Up-$200off Registration
Semi Finalists $100 off Registration



Several Teams are seeking Players, let us place you on a team, email us at Staff@FlagMag.com

Players Pass available USD $10. Includes:

  • Participation in Tournament ( includes field use, security, field repair, clean up )
  • Drinks at the Field
  • Entrance to nightly parties


Teams participating with a player without a player pass will be removed from the tournament.No Refunds

HOTEL 1-$99-Comfort Inn-4 Fisher Street, Foxboro, MA, US, 02035

508-543-1000.(Mention Flag Football for the Discounted Rate)-

Hotel-2-$116-Foxborough Courtyard by Marriott-call 800.321.2211 and reference the International Flag Football Room Block-SOLD OUT

Hotel 3-

FlagMag.com works with lodging partners in our tournament locations to secure excellent lodging rates for all participants and to ensure sufficient rooms for all attending teams. Through our lodging program, all out-of-town teams book their rooms through FlagMag.com and receive specially discounted rates . You can book your rooms online through the FlagMag.com website or by calling the hotel direct from the phone number listed. All teams that call the hotel direct must book within the FlagMag.com Block and submit team hotel rooming list with confirmation numbers prior to event to the FlagMag.com Lodging Department via e-mail Any reservations booked through a third party provider (i.e. hotels.com, expedia, hotwire) or booked outside of the FlagMag.com room block will not fulfill requirement


- Accommodations at the Hotel

- Use of four (4) fields in Foxboro for four (3) days 

-Welcome Reception at CBSscene restaurant adjacent to Gillette Stadium

-Farewell Party-Award Presentation-Sunday Night


- Optional activities available

Gillette Stadium Tour

New England Patriots Practice Tour

Flag Football Referee Certification Class


Football Clinic -

NO Refunds-Due to the nature of our events, we have a no refund policy.



International Flag Football Festival

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9th Annual IFFF Event 2008-Costa Rica

8th Annual IFFF Event 2007-Photos-Panama City,FL

7th Annual International Flag Football Festival-Panama City,FL

6th Annual International Flag Football Festival-2005-Miami,FL

5th Annual International Flag Football Festival-2004-Puerto Plata,Dominican Republic

4th Annual International Flag Football Festival-2003-Freeport,Bahamas

3rd Annual IFFF Event 2002-Photos-Davie,FL

2nd Annual IFFF Event 2001-Photos-Cocoa,FL

1st Annual IFFF Event 2000-Photos-Cancun,MX


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